Sell a Home using a Tucson Short Sale Agent 

Travis and The Pottinger Group provide solutions for all home sellers in Tucson. They specialize in walking possible short sale clients through the short sale process. With the changing landscape of the short sale process the fact the The Pottinger Group has both the experience and relationships with other lenders is a comparitive advantage for the Tucson home seller. Travis will provide information about the pocess, where you are in the process, and communicate the next steps. 


What is a Tucson Short Sale?

A Short Sale is when someone in Tucson sells their home for less than the balance remaining on their mortgage.

Are there benefits of a Tucson Short Sale?

In some cases yes, listed below are some benefits that our team has helped cleints with  in the past:
  • Eliminated or reduce your mortgage debt
  • Avoided the negative impact of foreclosure
  • Allowed the home seller to begin repairing credit sooner than if they went through a foreclosure
In some cases the home seller who sells through a short sale may be able to get a Fannie Mae mortgage in as little as 2 years. If they went through foreclosure it could take up to 7 years. 


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